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VRI Agency, the Easiest Way to Insure your Florida Vacation Home!

Owning a vacation home is a lifelong dream for most people. However, maintaining it could be costly. It is no wonder that many homeowners take advantage of renting out their holiday homes. While its potential profit may look appealing, renting out to strangers could result in expensive damages – especially if you don’t have the appropriate vacation rental home insurance.

You should never let an uncovered loss ruin your dream. Protect your home with a policy from VRI the vacation home insurance specialist! As a trusted vacation home insurance agency in Florida, VRI can help you get the correct insurance coverage ideal for your needs.

Why the Insurance Company Needs to Know

Most homeowner’s policies do not cover or have limited coverage for rentals. If the insurance company doesn’t know that you are renting your home or doesn’t know that you are renting it on a nightly, monthly or weekly basis, there is a good chance that you are not covered. So if a tenant damaged your property or gets injured while staying at your holiday home, you will be paying the damages on your own. With no proper rental coverage, your goal to gain an additional income could just lead to more expenses.


The Importance of Correct Insurance Coverage

Most people think that because they have insurance they are covered regardless of how the home is being used. Unfortunately this is not the case and can wind up being a costly mistake.


Know the Risks of Renting Your Home

  • Most standard homeowners policies (HO3) do not provide coverage if you rent your home
  • Many dwelling fire policies (DP3) are set up to cover annual rental contracts and will not allow short term and nightly rentals
  • Most condo unit owner policies (HO6) do not allow multiple or short term rentals.