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Condo Rental Insurance Policy

Most standard condominium owner’s insurance policies provide options to cover renters. But in many cases, there are limitations regarding the duration and the number of times the condo can be rented. For instance, several condo policies do not cover weekly and nightly rentals. So if you plan to put up your condo for short-term rents, you need proper condo rental insurance. And this is where Vacation Rentals Insurance Agency can help you.

Wide Insurance Network

Vacation Rentals Insurance (VRI) is a premier insurance agency that specializes in rental homeowner’s policies. Over the years, VRI agency has partnered with several insurance providers across the state to help home rental owners find the proper coverage for their properties. With a vast network, we can help you match with the insurance company and policy ideal for your needs. Through our help, you’ll no longer have to worry that your condo is not protected during seasonal rentals.

Proper Guidance

As with any type of insurance, it is essential that you gain adequate knowledge of the coverage you need or will have. We have a team of experienced insurance specialists that can assist you all throughout the process of finding the right insurance at a competitive price. In addition, they ensure to provide a proper guidance by acting as an advisor for every decision you need to make. After all, getting the right property insurance is always a complex process.

With a proper insurance for your condo rental, you no longer have to fear that you’ll have to shoulder expenses for damages that may happen to your property during rental periods. Instead, you can focus more on how you can gain higher revenues from renting this property out.

If you have questions or concerns about condominium rental insurance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our insurance specialists would love to chat with you about our possible solutions for your needs.

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Protect Your Vacation Home

  • If you rent for short terms, be sure you have coverage for this
  • A standard policy may not cover injury to renters or damage by them
  • A standard dwelling fire policy typically has restrictions to rental terms
  • By not conforming to the rules of your policy, you could face a coverage denial