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Homeowner’s Insurance for Rental Properties

Having a second home for summer vacations and weekend getaways sounds appealing. However, maintaining and protecting this property requires more work compared to what you did with your primary residence. For one, vacation homes are often more valuable than other properties, hence, there are higher risks involved in owning them. In addition, if you put this property up for rent whenever you don’t use it, you also put it at risk for potential damages associated with rental activities. This is why most homeowner’s policies do not cover or offer limited coverage to vacation homes. But with the help of Vacation Rentals Insurance Agency, you can find the right homeowner’s insurance for your rental property!

Understanding Home Insurance Policies

Generally, insurance providers underwrite their policies based on various factors and risks associated with a property. In many cases, insurance companies do not cover activities they’re not aware of, such as rental activity. If you don’t have the proper coverage and you rent your vacation home to strangers from time to time, you put it at a great risk. For instance, when a renter gets injured while they’re at your home or your kitchen gets damaged during the rental period, you have to shoulder the expenses for these damages.

Protecting Your Home with a Proper Coverage

Because of this lack of coverage for holiday home rentals, Vacation Rentals Insurance (VRI) Agency focuses on fulfilling this need – especially now that the vacation rental market is growing. With several years of experience with insurance, VRI agency has partnered with a number of reliable insurance companies to help vacation home owners find the proper coverage for their properties. In addition, our rental homeowner’s insurance specialists guide and advise the clients throughout the entire process of getting the correct coverage.

With a correct coverage, you can rest assured knowing that your second home is insured and protected whenever you put it up for rent. So, let VRI agency help you find the proper policy for your property. Contact us for more details or fill out a form to get a free quote.

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Protect Your Vacation Home

  • If you rent for short terms, be sure you have coverage for this
  • A standard policy may not cover injury to renters or damage by them
  • A standard dwelling fire policy typically has restrictions to rental terms
  • By not conforming to the rules of your policy, you could face a coverage denial