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Protect Your Assets: Fire Safety for Vacation HomesA vacation home is a dream come true for many families. If you ever find yourself so enamored with a locale that you absolutely have to visit it over and over again, a vacation home is a great alternative to a hotel. It can also be cheaper than a hotel as you can mitigate the costs by renting it out to others when it is not in use.

Since you are not always there to manage your vacation home, fire safety becomes more important than ever. No one wants to return to their property only to find that it has gone up in flames. You will want to make sure that you are protecting your assets from fire and take all the necessary precautions.

Invest in Insurance

Insurance is a must for vacation homes, especially for the ones that you rent out. There are some types of vacation rental insurance that cover fire damage, but not all of them cover this risk. You must carefully read through your insurance policy to make sure that they have coverage for rentals.

Some tenants can be careless. They may leave the stove on or thoughtlessly throw their cigarettes where it catches fire. Good rental insurance will help you pay off any physical damages for any fires started by your tenants.

Follow Federal Fire Regulations

Your home should always follow federal fire regulations. All electrical components of your home should be properly insulated, and rooms with boilers must have carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas emitted by burning matter.

Install Household Fire Warning Equipment

Household fire warning equipment, such as smoke detectors and sprinkler systems can prevent your vacation home from catching fire. These automated systems are perfect for these cases as they begin controlling the fire even if nobody is present. Some systems even automatically inform the local fire station that a fire broke out so that you can have firefighters on the scene immediately.

Your vacation home is an asset. You will want to protect your property with the right fire safety precautions so that you will always be able to enjoy its amenities.

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